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So far I am enjoying the course. It has pushed me to follow things through and produced finished work. I have done a little bit of self-directed learning over the past year or so, and whilst I have learned many things and picked up some software skills, I often don’t produce finished work. I also have many sketchbooks, with very little work in them. It was very satisfying to actually fill one for once. I will continue to print out more of my mood board and reference images, as I found this much more inspiring than looking at my computer. It was also useful to get away from electronic devices but still have the reference there. I was initially hesitant to waste ink, but it proved invaluable.

In addition, the assignment encouraged me to learn the following:

  • How to take line art into photoshop, and basic digital colouring techniques
  • How to digitise and vectorise my paintings
  • How to add textures in photoshop

I’m not sure I could have done any of this (or at least in the short time-frame) with the help of Skillshare, and highly recommend it to other students.


As I mentioned, I was working crazy hours to get my assignment done, something became incredibly clear: I massively need to work on improving my workflow, my working conditions and time management. With regards to this, my goals are:

  • Learn how to use Adobe Bridge
  • Employ a new filing system (and stick to it)
  • Keep Photoshop and Illustrator shortcuts to hand
  • Try to balance time spent at the computer with time spent in sketchbooks (for the sake of my eyes and wrists)
  • Try to end evening sessions off of the computer (see above)
  • Time keeping (particularly when using Illustrator – perfecting things can take hours, and I need to work make sure I’ve completed the basics first, and give myself time-limits for the smaller tasks, which can take hours if you let them)

Because of squeezing my assignment into 5 weeks, I have neglected to do much else, and so am looking forward to doing much more of the following:

  • General research on graphic design
  • Visiting exhibitions
  • Required/recommended reading
  • Updating my blog (and figure out how to best utilise it)
  • Personal projects (learning hand-lettering/improving my drawing and painting skills/surface pattern design/learning how to use my camera)

Skills-wise, there were some things that I want to work on, irrespective of where they will be in the course, as I was getting frustrated by my lack of knowledge when working on this assignment:

  • File types
  • Colour profiles and working in RGB/CMYK (I’ve made a start but…)
  • Layout
  • Colour Theory 


Looking forward to updating you on my progress,





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