This exercise asks us to look at extracts of different student competition briefs.

Brief 1

This brief is asking us to create packaging for a new creamy oats product.

The client is Quaker’s Oats and the target audience is young, busy women.

Keywords (simplified/alternatives):

  • new
  • delicious
  • healthy
  • treats
  • hungry (full, satisfied)
  • bland, unappealing (exciting, tasty)
  • juggling, priorities (quick, fast, easy, on-the-go)

I’d need to think about the core values of quaker oats as they’re a well-known brand.

I’d like to know what scope there was for colour and images, given that they’re that they have an established brand.

What sort of packaging is it?  (box? packet? sleeve?) What size is it?


Brief 2

Take a metaphorical journey on the theme of connections. “surprise us”.


  • variety
  • juxtaposition
  • ever-changing
  • dynamic
  • contrast
  • dramatic
  • connections
  • embark
  • disembark
  • destination
  • journey

For this brief you define your own market and decide in what format you would best target this market.


Brief 3

This is an alcohol awareness campaign – to raise awareness of the effects of underage drinking.

Clinet: Dept. for Children, Schools and Families

Audience: Teens aged 13-16 (and their parents)

Must include, ‘Why let drink decide?’

Can choose most appropriate format.


  • risks
  • vulnerable
  • communication
  • happy
  • healthy

Questions I’d ask:

  • What vulnerable situations exactly? It seems that would be something they should be deciding, as it’s their message. Obviously I have my own ideas, but I feel they’d need to give me specifics.
  • Would there be different materials for the children and the parents, or would it need to cover both?


Having looked at all of these briefs, I would most like to tackle brief 3.

Brief 1 appears to be the most straightforward. There is a clear client and audience and product. Challenging aspects for me would be the fact that I’ve never done anything similar before. Also, the fact that Quaker’s are a well-established brand means that there would most likely be very little opportunity for colour and type choices. I think I work best with limitations but I think this project could be a little dull.

Brief 2 I actually find quite infuriating. Mainly because I don’t understand who it’s for, or it’s purpose. Having freedom could be great to explore things I’ve never done before, but I think I’d constantly be worrying I was doing something wrong and had misunderstood the brief.

Brief 3 contains a lot of information on what exactly needs to be communicated and who the audience is. In spite of this there seems to be plenty of room for exploration. Even thought the work is for a specific client, I’d hope they had less of a visual identity when it comes to their specific campaigns, and it’s vital that they communicate with their specific audience.  I like the mixture of constraints and freedom this brief appears to contain.




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