I’ve never been very good at painting, and had previously only dabbled with acrylics and oils when I completed my Art A-level many years ago. We never had any technical instruction and I’ve always been frustrated with my lack of skills in this area. I thought that watercolour would be the last medium I would be interested in, as it has quite a stuffy old-fashioned reputation. However, I’ve been looking at the work of a lot of artists who make fresh and contemporary  watercolour illustrations. I’ve also been reading a lot of graphic novels that are coloured using traditional techniques. In an effort to improve my painting skills I enrolled in Anna Mason‘s online watercolour school.

What I love about Anna’s tutorials is that they take you through the process step by step. It does of course mean that everyone produces pretty much the exact same painting, but this is fine, as it’s all about the process.  Anna’s paintings and tutorials are aiming for a certain degree of photorealism. Whilst this isn’t necessarily something I strive for in my work, I thought it was perfect for getting to know the medium of watercolour. So far I’ve completed 4 paintings in the beginners series. I’m still not confident about painting something I chose without guidance, but I feel like the methods are slowly sinking in. I’m going to be uploading these as I go through the course and, fingers crossed, i’ll be able to see some progress.


Lex 6.3.16


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