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Identify an upcoming local event and design two posters to promote it. Make the first poster full of details and descriptions about the event, when and where it’s taking place, what’s going on, how long it lasts, how much it costs and what to expect. Include all the details you think you might need. For the second poster, give the bare minimum amount of info. Be extreme – how little info can you get away with.  Now ask yourself and others, which of the designs work best. Redesign the poster using the feedback.

The event I chose to promote was called ‘Chaplin on Screen’ – an event featuring the Philharmonia Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall.

I did a little research and a mind-map, followed by some thumbnails.

Sketchbook 2 page 24

sketchbook 2 page 25

Sketchbook 2 page 26


Now that I had a vague idea of what I wanted to poster to look like, I made a mood board on Pinterest (screenshot below), and then made a mood board on InDesign. I’ve never really used InDesign before, so thought this was a good time to start experimenting with it.

Chaplin Pinterest Mood BoardChaplin Mood Board 2 rgb

Mood Board Credits (clockwise from top left):

  1. Eccentric Std, Adobe/Monotype
  2. Via NeatoCoolville
  3. Pia Alive – behance.net/piaalive
  4. Sigfrid Romanach – behance.net/sik
  5. Unknown
  6. MichaelJHildebrand.com
  7. Somethingshidinginhere.com
  8. Christina Coucheiro

I used the mood board to refine my thumbnails a little and then draw some larger rough sketches.

sketchbook 2 page 29

I created the posters in Illustrator. Initially they were pink and blue, but they started to remind me of ice-cream and babies, especially when printed, so I referred back to my mood board for inspiration.

These were the two designs that I submitted to the OCA forums for a critique:

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 13.05.44

I found this process quite nerve-racking. Mainly because the posters are a work in progress. Also, people are constructively critiquing things such as colour and hierarchy (which  does effect the way the info/lack of info comes across, I realise), things which I have not yet studied so far in the course. That said, people’s comments were very much appreciated and it was also good practice for developing a thicker skin. I hope to be able to return the favour to my fellow students. I also had a bit of critique from my mum, before I submitted the posters, too- she suggested I bring in the brown colour from the mood board, in place of the pink.


Instead of choosing which aspects of the posters worked best, people were overwhelmingly in favour of the first poster. They (unlike myself) did not think the price details were unnecessary and thought the second poster was too light on info – though some did say it would make a good teaser. Whilst I prefer the look of the first poster, I think there is enough info on poster 2 for my liking, but I’m thinking if I was less internet-savvy, I would probably require a little more information.

There were some very useful comments about where the poster would be seen – on the escalator underground for example, or in a newspaper (where you’d perhaps want more info).

I was also given some feedback asking me to think about the blocking of the date and time and it’s legibility but I’m not quite sure I have the skills right now to know how to fix that.

I created a new poster, based on the feedback given. I did ditch the ticket prices, because I think this is the sort of info you find on a flyer or website and is unnecessary clutter. But I kept the film titles, even though I wouldn’t have if left to my own devices. The only thing I’m unhappy about is the time – It looks too large but if I make it smaller it looks strange.
I did 3 colour ways for the final poster, and think I prefer the second one (purple on white). In retrospect, when I looked back at the brief, I realised that in creating my first poster, I didn’t include extra info such as “what to expect” and “how long it lasts”. I need to remember to return to the brief throughout the design process.

Chaplin Poster (texture) 13

Chaplin Posters 14 & 15





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