• Create a range of cards for sentiments or events that are worthy of a greetings card, but are currently not catered for by card manufacturers.
  • These cards could be linked to other calendar events, obscure saints’ days, sporting calendars or any other happening that is worth celebrating or commiserating.
  • You will need to design the cover of your card and the message inside. You may choose to include the envelope in your design work, as well as explore the possibility of pop-ups or other forms of cards.
  • At least 3 finished cards – either unrelated or with the same sentiment.


The first thing I did for this assignment was analyse the brief.

I also did a quick mind map of the keywords and first thoughts, which can bee seen in my sketchbook pages below.

sketchbook 2 assignment 2 p1

sketchbook 2 assignment 2 p2


I identified the research I would need to undertake and the questions I had.

I also made a list of cards currently catered for by card manufacturers, by visiting the website of Hallmark and Moonpig.

sketchbook 2 assignement 2 p3

I did some initial research on the history of postcards. I found that a lot of the information was repeated, a pretty much word for word on various websites.

I then did some visual research, looking mainly at Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s day cards. I noticed that a running theme of vintage cards is the use of puns.

sketchbook 2 assignment 2 p4

sketchbook 2 assignment 2 p5

sketchbook 2 assignment 2 p6

sketchbook 2 assignment 2 p7

Pinterest Board Link

Greeting card montage.jpg

This use of puns is also evident in a lot of the cards made by independent illustrators/designers on platforms such as etsy.

Pinterest Board Link

(talk about Victorian card collection)

(Card designs I found interesting in my research)

With the brief in mind I just wrote down every idea that came to mind, no matter how silly they seemed.

sketchbook 2 assignment 2 p8

sketchbook 2 assignment 2 p9

I then settled on the ones I found most interesting/suitable:

sketchbook 2 assignment 2 p10

sketchbook 2 assignement 2 p11

I quickly realised that new pet cards actually do exist, so I crossed these off of my list.

The first idea I explored was a card congratulating somebody on learning how to swim.

I wrote down any words and phrases that came to mind. Now that I had this idea, I was able to go back to the brief and refine it, and look at further research I would need to do. I noticed that rather than work through a brief in stages, I had to go back and forth between the brief, the research and the ideas, several times.

The one thing I was certain on, was that this card would be for an adult, rather than a child. Somebody who has learned to swim, or has just begun lessons.

sketchbook 2 assignment 2 p12

sketchbook 2 assignment 2 p13

Further research I would need:

look at cards that are congratulating somebody

can I find any quotes about swimming?

Visual research: swimming illustrations/artists that focus on water

Contemporary greeting card design – add to mood board

Explore pop up/paper craft design styles

Explore envelope design

Messages inside cards – design








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