I went back to the various thumbnails and decided to make a card that was based on swimming pool tiles. A mosaic spelling out some type of message.

sketchbook 2 assignment 2 p25 crop



Assignment 2 Mood board 3 rgb.jpg


Greeting Card Mockup rgb.jpg


This card is designed to congratulate somebody on learning to swim later in life, perhaps those who have overcome a fear of water or swimming. It is designed to appeal to those aged 40 +.


  • mood board very clear
  • Mock up well visualised
  • still not clear on what the card is for (it’s not explicit enough)
  • “Deep End”? Perhaps another message?

I think that perhaps I should have chosen the exact phrases I hoped to use on the front and on the inside of the card before presenting them for a critique. At the time, I was feeling very indecisive, and so thought it better to go ahead, as I was spending a lot of time thinking and not getting anywhere.

I was fairly pleased with my mock-up, however, I definitely needed to look up examples of tiled/mosaic lettering.  I think the process I used to make the image worked well. I made a tiled pattern in illustrator and warped it using the mesh tool. I then took it into photoshop and added colour with the gradient tool and added a blur effect.

sketchbook 2 assignment 2 p26

Mosaic/Tile Pinterest Board

I decided the tiles should be smaller and not all necessarily square, as it was clear from my visual research that tiles were often broken in order to create letterforms. This process was pretty tedious and took a very long time. I was not pleased with the results, but at some point I just had to stop and finish working on the image. The spacing of the letters is not great and it’s just not a very attractive image. I think in retrospect, I would have been better off hand painting this card and finishing it off in photoshop.

I thought I would try to face my fears of using serif fonts and tried a Bodoni typeface inside the card. However, because the lettering on the front of the card was so bold I think it needed something tougher inside and once again used Acumin Pro Condensed.

sketchbook 2 assignment 2 p27.jpg

I really did not like this card at all, but decided to print it regardless. I added a white box around the image to frame it, and followed the instructions of the printer,however, I think the cards were not cut very accurately and as a result the left hand side of the frame was lost. I printed this card on a textured paper, as I thought this might work well with the blur effect. I think the was a good idea, and had the card been to my liking in the first place, it would have added a nice touch. Overall though, I think it’s safe to say that this card was a failure.

Here is the final artwork that was sent to the printer (click to enlarge)



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