A few weeks ago I visited the Protein Gallery in Shoreditch to view the exhibition Made in Italy – Bodoni in Print. The exhibition was free, and organised by Fedrigoni, one of Europe’s leading paper companies.

It turned out to be wonderful opportunity view the huge variety of ways in which the Bodoni typefaces have been used and modified since their creation over 200 years ago.

The exhibition featured advertisements, packaging and posters designed by Paul Rand and Massimo Vignelli, IBM’s Bodini Manual, record sleeves, sketches, woodblock type and more.

Although I am aware that there are many designers who work with very few fonts for all of their work, it was still pretty impressive to see how many different ways Bodoni has been utilised throughout the years.

I left the exhibition with a stunning catalogue created by SAE which featured many of the items on display. I also took home a couple of posters. This trip was incredibly inspiring and I am now even more excited about the Typography section of the course.



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