This assignment proved to be very difficult for me, and as such I am now quite behind in my course.

Firstly I spent a lot of time agonising about following the exact steps – analyse brief, research and develop ideas, visualise your ideas, critque, finish art work. whilst these are excellent guidelines, I should have trusted my own process. My tutor had been pleased with my visualisation and idea development from assignment one. This process was me sitting with my sketchbook and going back and forth between analysing the brief, drawing thumbnails, brainstorming and visualising my ideas, rather than just doing one step after the other. I should have done this for this assignment from the outset rather than agonising over “doing it wrong”. This is not to say that I thought I was “doing it wrong” compared to designers in the real world, but “doing it wrong” for the purposes of my course and assessment.


I also had a similar issue with presenting work for critique. I’m still not quite sure how finished work should be for this.

Once I stopped worrying things got a little better, but I did have trouble creating my artwork for card one. Perhaps I should steer clear of drawing and painting in my projects to see how I can handle working more with text and other people’s artwork/photography.

Because of how long this project took, I found i did not have time to experiment with different types of card (pop ups, etc.). To be honest I’m not sure how I would have tackled this as it would have required a whole heap of technical research that I simply would not have had time for. I do, however, think it has been incredibly useful for me to learn how to design and print a simple greeting card.



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